Wednesday, December 27, 2006

christmo: the aftermath

my mom played Flip Cup on Christmas night.

for any of you who know my mom, reread that sentence 81 times. for any of you who don't, imagine Martha Stewart playing pingpong with someone's balls; less likely is my mom playing Cups.

mama D. is very particular about her home. this shouldn't sound anal more that impressive - coming home to columbus is like sleeping in a bed and breakfast for me. it's quiet and wonderful and pretty and there might be scones in the morning. it just is what it is.

so... when our kitchen island got cleared and converted to a frat house, it was really just the best thing in the world. better yet? my mom was inCREDible at Cups. what if she has some untapped talent we never knew of? but, just to show you what a class act this woman is, as her children got sloshed on american domestic slop, she coyly sipped bailey's on ice. the classiest gene skipped right over me.

we ended up at a house party in powell.
simply unbelievable.
i'm getting the whole team shirts upon arrival back in Chicago.
team DeFran all the way.

christmas: the day

i love my family.
we've all had a really fun time together while i've been home. can i just say how awesome it is to be home for 6 days? it rules. it's so nice to not have to rush visiting, and just sort of live as i would here. i've seen lots of my bros and their girlfs, lots of my mom, and lots of my nephs and niece. in the past year or two, christmas has changed for us a lot. it's nice to see the day, though different, is still super fun.

this year, my mom cooked the proverbial roast beast (rib roast au jus; come on) and we had our traditional meal after plowing through santa's bounty. i got a video iPod (way to go, Sant!), lots of stuff from Old Navy including America's softest scarf, and giftcards. pretty rule-city. i clothed the fam in Bears stuff and got them treats from the city as well - Intelligentsia coffee and the like. awesome.

my nephews went apesh*t to see that they got guitar hero II from my mom. just apesh*t. this is a game that is minimally fun to watch, but my nephs are so good at it, it's really impressive. i mean, expert level y'all. take that, Trogdor. take that, Heart in a Box.

what i like about c-mas is not only the lovin', but the fun dozing afterwards, hearing kids play with presents all day while you sit in a coma of red wine and wassail. wassail, right? you guys have wassail? yep.

catch up

home in columbus. it's later now, and my fam is going to bed. long story short, it is amazing. i love being here.

i'm going to try and do some catch up now that i have some time on here. you poor suckers back at work already need something to distract you.

merry christmas. in jail!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

merry christmas, you ol' building and loan!

it's heeere! well, at least in ohio, it's here.
in columbus; it rules.

please, if you haven't gone to bed yet, at least track sant.
it's the best night ever!

Friday, December 15, 2006

part time lov-aa-aaah

i need a part time job, stat.

when i went freelance a long while back, it ruled. i am really lucky that i can sustain - for the most part - on only creative jobs. the problem is, with all these medical bills, i need to have a secondary income as soon as possible.

anyone have ideas?
anything that schedules week to week is perfect, because gigs aren't much notice.
temping is fine, but i want a place that actually gives me work. i'd almost rather do coffee shoppin', or serving, or admin.


Tuesday, December 12, 2006

parental advisory - norris goes apeshit

another release from seven8nine. it's ridiculous.
Eat A Sandwich

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Sunday, December 10, 2006


...someone just found this blog by googling "virgin hymens".

i'm not sure if it's worse they googled it, or that googling it led them here.

you decide: christmas cards

i like christmas a ton.
i like the tradition that comes with it, the old-timeyness, the chance to tell people forwardly and openly that you really love them.

here's my question though - are christmas cards worth the work? do you open them and feel warm and fuzzy, or is it just another piece of mail? i love getting them, but i don't know whether i shoulw hustle and get my act together to tell america i love them.

yea or nay: sending cards-
tell me. hopefully soon.

romantic as all getout

from the mind of hans holsen comes our second video, DPAML.
this guy is fucking insane.

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...because seven8nine

i don't think i've talked about this yet at length, but i am in a film group here called seven8nine. the group is me, joey bland, hans holsen, shad kunkle, deanna moffitt, robyn norris, rance rizzutto, and sam super. it's a load of fun and we've gotten a lot done in the short time we've worked together on our shoots. we've been picked up as the official tour-guide to sketchfest, so if you're planning on going to Chicago Sketchfest in january, you'll see a lot of these ol' mugs in those two weeks.

anyway, we have a few things done. our webpage is in progress and close to finished, but you get a sneak preview of some of the stuff. here's our first triumph from back in september, Jenga Time.

verdict is in: fergalicious

you don't like it, only by one official vote. by unofficial votes and people i talk to, you love it.
still conflicted.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

holly jolly trolley tour

last night, some csz-ers had a gig in lakeview where we essentially drank a lot of wine and caroled on a trolley for a few hours.

good job, christmas.

experiment, indeed

i don't know what made me think about this - i actually think i just heard his name this morning, and remembered- hey, i had a sex dream about that guy.

when i was in high school, i had a sex dream about bill nye, the science guy.

he was alright, too.
i also had one about pam anderson, which led to years of questioning (not about women, but about my taste).

what's your weirdest?

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

you decide: fergalicious

i really could go either way on this. i'm all for boast songs, and all for dance songs. i can't tell if this is so bad it's good, or just bad.

how do i feel about fergie, in general?

for your consideration:

for your consideration, part II:

also for your consideration:

voting lasts until friday at noon.

Friday, December 01, 2006

you're a libra, aren't ya darlin'?

that made me think of this. man, i loved this. one of the best things ever.

please, please don't skip the miss cleo ones.

he DOES do that! look, honey!

after a funny you-tubing a few weeks back for impressionists, pal joey told us that it was just impressionists week on letterman after all the searching we'd done. these people are all fine at what they do, you know - but it still shocks me that the old turn-around and glasses-up for nicholson is still out there. yep.

go here if you wanna see these guys.

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