Wednesday, December 27, 2006

christmo: the aftermath

my mom played Flip Cup on Christmas night.

for any of you who know my mom, reread that sentence 81 times. for any of you who don't, imagine Martha Stewart playing pingpong with someone's balls; less likely is my mom playing Cups.

mama D. is very particular about her home. this shouldn't sound anal more that impressive - coming home to columbus is like sleeping in a bed and breakfast for me. it's quiet and wonderful and pretty and there might be scones in the morning. it just is what it is.

so... when our kitchen island got cleared and converted to a frat house, it was really just the best thing in the world. better yet? my mom was inCREDible at Cups. what if she has some untapped talent we never knew of? but, just to show you what a class act this woman is, as her children got sloshed on american domestic slop, she coyly sipped bailey's on ice. the classiest gene skipped right over me.

we ended up at a house party in powell.
simply unbelievable.
i'm getting the whole team shirts upon arrival back in Chicago.
team DeFran all the way.


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