Sunday, December 10, 2006

...because seven8nine

i don't think i've talked about this yet at length, but i am in a film group here called seven8nine. the group is me, joey bland, hans holsen, shad kunkle, deanna moffitt, robyn norris, rance rizzutto, and sam super. it's a load of fun and we've gotten a lot done in the short time we've worked together on our shoots. we've been picked up as the official tour-guide to sketchfest, so if you're planning on going to Chicago Sketchfest in january, you'll see a lot of these ol' mugs in those two weeks.

anyway, we have a few things done. our webpage is in progress and close to finished, but you get a sneak preview of some of the stuff. here's our first triumph from back in september, Jenga Time.


Anonymous Tom said...

That guy with the orange hands is bad at Jenga.

9:28 PM  

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