Sunday, June 24, 2007

flip off.

something i hate about blogging is that when something real happens, i feel an obligation to talk about it, but i don't really want to, and i don't know what is okay to say or not. most people immediately surrounding me know about things, but some people slip through the cracks, and... well, whatever.

my brother had a heart attack this week.

he is doing well.

it was really, really terrifying to be away while it happened. really. i hate that i am here, the only one not there in columbus, already - but when things like this happen, i feel trapped and caged and like i've made a million wrong decisions along the way.

luckily, my brother did everything right. also luckily, i got on the next flight to columbus through southwest and made it home within about three hours. it was really remarkable.

when i was standing in the icu with my fam, i looked down and saw this little bottle of sodium de-something-inide, a blood thinner. i nervously played with it and then noticed the top read "flip off". you said it, bottle. i laughed. i took this pic.

i'll post a bit more when i feel like it's okay to.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


old pal liz cackowski started a web series called jeannie tate. it's really so very funny; funny premise, fun acting, fun to watch. a soccer mom hosts a talk show in her minivan while she cabs her kids around with bands and celebs. way to go, cackow!

planet unicorn, heyyyy

my friend kate, at a meeting this morning, kept singing this theme song. mostly, we blankly stared at her, but had enough curiosity to look up the madness. it's worth it.

Monday, June 18, 2007

it's what's for breakf

who is ordering item four?
this picture is for you, ross bryant. come home from panic city.


a few weeks ago, my roommates and i watched friend JPG's dog, dana.

this dog was so cute.
and fun.

and even cuter still, this dog was loyal as hell. all night long, he stared at our front door, hoping for john to walk in.

i miss pets.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

pat shay Rancers

...did an article on me for his popular blog, "get to know an improviser". he's so good at it and it is such a cool idea to get to know an ever-expanding community. rance is one of my favorite people in improv. i think the interview - though scattershot on my behalf - is pretty fuckin' fun.

blue monday

my HS friend and i went to see SC on monday night, and it was so fun. blueco, the touring group i'm joining and have sat in with a number of times, is doing new, racy, fun stuff that will be fun to get into. they let me play the set with pally greg hess, and it was one of the more fun sets i've been a part of. lots of fun scenes and great bits with a packed house. i'm just so excited to start.

all things lead to this

do you think that "" is a website that is already taken?

i said this before a show last night, then decided that i wanted it to point at this blog.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

speaking of that joint, i don't think i've ever mentioned this here, and totally should've. i host little webisodes for a site called - a fundraising and informational space for the new building coming on belmont in september. check it out - there's lots of fun bits and tons of other cszers there (check the ref treats page). click around, and donate if you can!

csz gone mad

a while back, friend frank came back to play csz during cif, the chicago improv festival. he lives in LA now and works on MadTV, and hadn't played a csz show for a couple of years. caeti was the person, however, that bootcamped my class of people who started comedysportz, running us through new games and getting us through drills. whenever he played, i thought - man, that's what i want to be like here.

i don't have a lot of comedy "idols" - i have trouble with that idea because i think idols are built to fall - but i do have a lot of people i look to in the community for inspiration. a lot of these people are found in this building, this building some of the community knows nothing about, and i'm lucky enough to be in a close circle of friends with them - rance, joey, prouty, heather simms for instance, though everyone in the cast does something to inspire me. the list goes on so long, and every day i laugh so hard with them i can't believe we've often been gathered for "work".

now frank is a friend, and we got to play on the same team during his reunion, along with dave gaudet. it was so fun playing for an audience of nearly 400 people, doing bits and having fun. at csz, the acting captain of each show picks the games according to what they think their teammates strengths are. frank turned to me in the beginning of the show and whispered - don't know what to play...i hope i remember how to do this. we laughed and told him it was a comedy bike. hop on.

the show ruled.

Monday, June 04, 2007

13 years ago today

...i graduated from high school.

i thought about it randomly since my hs pal is in and there's been a lot of hanging.
really, i can't believe it was that long ago, but i also can't believe how much has happened. i can't believe how close all of us have remained.

it's really the best.

practice makes perfect

living next door to a theatre makes things interesting.

CIF 10 year video

CIF 2007

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hey - for those of you who didn't see any of the Chicago Improv Festival at Park West, here's the introduction video that seven8nine did. the video got lots of praise and has lots of fun stars. get in there and see it.

mondays, right?

a real long weekend of nearly nothing improv, which is an anomale in the bizzzz. my high school friend chrissy is in town, so when i was free, we hung and hung all over town. i've been looking forward to her coming for months, and she's staying all of june to work at a hospital in the burbs. i don't have a very busy june until the end - and it's amazing to experience life sort of altered from the way we did in high school... just older. lazing around, laughing, doing whatever, driving, hanging. just in three days, we've been to more gay bars i'd never heard of or hadn't been to (crew, lost and found, t's), hit the hyde park art fair, watched the breast cancer three-day end at grant park, got massages at thousand waves, played/had her see an amazingly fun CSz show, had tapas, drove her to see her rotation hospital in oak park, ate indian food, and played more euchre than i've played since college.

but best yet, we went to may fest in lincoln square. it was awesome. it had been sort of spitting rain here and there as we ate late lunch by the lake, and we almost bagged the activity. but, luckily we went at just the right time to get a few beers and catch the jesse white tumblers (one of which i will marry, pictured), and meet with amy's lovely pal from college, sal. later to follow came an amazing downpour of rain, all which fell while we were tucked in amy & tara's pretty condo in uptown. we cooked chili and played guitar hero, and everything felt like what people must feel like every weekend that don't do improv.


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