Monday, June 04, 2007

mondays, right?

a real long weekend of nearly nothing improv, which is an anomale in the bizzzz. my high school friend chrissy is in town, so when i was free, we hung and hung all over town. i've been looking forward to her coming for months, and she's staying all of june to work at a hospital in the burbs. i don't have a very busy june until the end - and it's amazing to experience life sort of altered from the way we did in high school... just older. lazing around, laughing, doing whatever, driving, hanging. just in three days, we've been to more gay bars i'd never heard of or hadn't been to (crew, lost and found, t's), hit the hyde park art fair, watched the breast cancer three-day end at grant park, got massages at thousand waves, played/had her see an amazingly fun CSz show, had tapas, drove her to see her rotation hospital in oak park, ate indian food, and played more euchre than i've played since college.

but best yet, we went to may fest in lincoln square. it was awesome. it had been sort of spitting rain here and there as we ate late lunch by the lake, and we almost bagged the activity. but, luckily we went at just the right time to get a few beers and catch the jesse white tumblers (one of which i will marry, pictured), and meet with amy's lovely pal from college, sal. later to follow came an amazing downpour of rain, all which fell while we were tucked in amy & tara's pretty condo in uptown. we cooked chili and played guitar hero, and everything felt like what people must feel like every weekend that don't do improv.



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