Thursday, May 31, 2007

all hail molly hale

my dear, lovely molly halestorm moved this week. another sad teaspoon full on a shitheap of a week, really, but i've chosen to embrace this one as a positive. i hate when people i love move away, and in this business, it's pretty common that people come and go. what i've learned, though, is that all friends are really closer than miles seem to allow. LA doesn't seem that far away anymore - we all come and go, and travels bring us closer and farther. as i get older, it feels like the world isn't so spread out.

molly left for LA to start something different, to move, to motivate, to shake things up. i like that about her. it's simple to get comfortable in chicago like a big easy chair; there's wonderful people, performance opportunities at every corner, and a general sense of "this is good enough".

i love it here, but i don't want to become stagnant. i appreciate that molly went before she felt like she might. bold.

best to molly; don't sell your bod until you have to.


Anonymous ann said...

Holy s... is that what I look like from behind? Eh... not bad.

Loving you, TD.

10:01 AM  

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