Sunday, May 13, 2007

night tara/tara firma

two weeks ago on a night of late shows, i had the pleasure of doing something straight-up fun in the early evening: going to the windy city rollers all-star match in cicero.

this is the best thing ever.


the cicero stadium was packed, and we were lucky enough to see a match between seattle's team and our own. it was an easy sport to watch and learn about quickly as they even provided a tutorial in the program with all the rules. after we crammed facts and got ready to watch, we had fun noticing all the names of the contenders, sort of old-comedysportz like, sort of american gladiator-y. the best in the program by far in my opin was a girl named Amber who tacked on -Waves of Pain to her first name. america. at the beginning of the match, we each picked a roller wife. i picked yvette yourmaker purely on a feeling, and she was incredible. i also would have an affair with malice with chains, who was truly unbeatable as a jammer.

this would be an awesome first date, a great birthday party, and a wonderful night out of the city. i got to go with a bunch of people i don't always get to hang with, which ruled too (see friend ann throwing the horns, above), and ran into lovable zach & kiki thompson as well. see? find more fun. they have bouts every month. let's go. every time!


Blogger Tom said...

How about Crystal Metheny?

8:21 PM  

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