Tuesday, May 01, 2007

start 'em young

macy's opened a new store in bolingbrook, so again, csz was hired to do some promo work. always semi-fun but long days, but this one became very long - a car hit a transformer outside the new mall and all the power went out on their opening day. the promotional work quickly became damage control, welcoming customers to the romantically lit department store, then asking if they wouldn't mind paying by check instead of cash (seems backwards, doesn't it?) or walking the stairs instead of taking the escalator.

one highlight of the day, though, came when a young kid came up to us and sat next to this mannequin. the kid was probably 4 or so, and noticed the lounging woman mannequin on the platform. he sat down next to it and touched her palm. normal. he then sort of pawed at her wig, feeling if it was real hair. still normal. then, with no warning, he cupped her boob and sat there for a solid 20 seconds.

go get 'em, tiger.

we laughed even harder when we realized how disheveled the model looked - necklace askew, hair tousled. she looked like she'd just gotten out of the back seat at makeout point.

a cute, 30 year old dude walked by and smiled at the kid. wanna get in there? i said. he then sashayed up to the mannequin and cooed what's your name? and laughed a bit. i realize now this was probably supposed to be my husband.


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