Monday, April 23, 2007

the in-between

before easter and my corp gig (coming soon) and after first columbus trip to see friend chrissy - i spent some time with amy and tara at their condo. amy and tara are among my favorite people in america, and were really nice to me when i was feeling sick about three weeks back. i stayed with them one night and we watched awful tv (pussycat dolls, thank you very much) and then about two hours of brokeback. just recently, this made me laugh in retrospect because i like to think that a&t are a parody of lesbians across america now: owning three cats, fourteen litter boxes, driving a prius, and wearing indigo girls hoodies. i like everything about it. tara, i know you read this. go put on your hoodie. my secret dream next time is to come to your condo, open like, a linen closet, and be engulfed from head to toe in L Word tchotske or something.

let's go to t's.


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