Friday, March 30, 2007

the weak in review

this week was long, and difficult. seeing my family after a delayed flight (thanks southwest!) was wonderful, and that was a silver lining. we ate pizza very late in my brother vince's gfs house and just sat around together. my beautiful friend chrissy and her fam are strong and wonderful. the funeral seemed to have a buoyant feel to it - as people would begin to be sad, it just wouldn't stay there, as we focused on all the wonderful things mr. swartz brought to everyone's lives. still, as all catholic funerals may - start the strains of "Eagle's Wings" and i'll probably go. we all should. on monday afternoon, my dear pals amy & tara and i drove back to chicago, a long drive to make after a funeral, but it gave us time to breathe as we came back into another work week. we didn't feel done with the day as we hit the city, so we went to a pub and raised a few to the swartzkopfs. it couldn't have gone any other way.

came back to a bunch of rehearsals and a shitload of techs for a big gig (more on this later) - early rising and pass outs. had an exhausting conversation with a friend into the late hours that i think is looking better... i hope. i have hope. this week i also paid off another heap of debt - 5125, to be exact, which was the scariest thing. but i'm glad it's gone. now i just have to live off ramen again. college! hot pockets! plasma!

anyway, it's friday now. and usually, i have shows all night (typically iO and baby wants candy). but not THIS week... somehow, i like, skipped giving availability to csz and baby in my calendar as if two pages had been stuck together in my planner. i have iO tomorrow night, so tonight? freebie. maybe it was a blessing, but right now, i feel stir crazy. i'm in the mood to get wasted or curl up and watch some shitbox of a movie - but since I have bunny breakfast* tomorrow, the latter must win by a landslide.

**a breakfast hosted by macy's (marshall fields in yesteryear) where children and parents see a skit performed by two fucks (this year, Deanna the chicken and Rance the cow) and visit with the Easter Bunny (yours truly). i'm adorable, p.s.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Huzzah! I'm a fuck! -Rance

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