Thursday, March 08, 2007

the keswick - 1400 or bust

so, saturday night, we got to the beautiful old keswick theatre in Glenside, PA. this house was union (meaning you can't move much on your own, there are people there that operate the house, and there are different rules at play). this place was also about 4.5 times bigger than the nights before, so we had different sound equipment and staging to set. getting across this stage took about twice the time, so, between each blackout, for instance, we ran to places to get there in time.

the set here was super fun and the show was a nice cap to a well-run weekend. at this show, though, right at the end, i realized my voice was obliterated. even though it shouldn't have, it made me feel like i'd earned a badge of honor for a obstacle course of shows.
and there it is. thanks, greenco.


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