Thursday, March 08, 2007

innnnnn west philadelphia, born and raised

saturday was a day of driving. we took two cars about four hours northish to philadelphia, where our saturday night show was. luckily (?), we got to stop for cheesesteaks, which was a big goal of anthony leblanc, not so much a goal of robyn or abby (they had pizza).

still, we went to the heart of it all, good ol' Pat's, supposedly the originator of cheesesteaks. the line was around the block, and a police car even came up, sirens blazing, to get the line out of the street. truth be told, um... it was really nothing to write home about, but the fries were delicious. another low/highlight came here, when upon ordering his cheesesteak, the Dick's Last Resort-like assholes behind the counter thought they heard Joey order three sandwos, and told Joey to "get the shit out of his mouth" while he was ordering. yep. yeah, he ordered three. you guys are idiots.

if i wanted the shit out of my mouth, i wouldn't eat your sandwich!

(mic feedback)
p.s., thanks to weitberg for this fun photo - he snapped a ton, y'all.


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