Thursday, March 08, 2007

Wolf Trap - Vienna, VA

What a fun time.

Traveled a bunch this last week. Our trip with SC started very early Thursday morning, only to lead us to a cancelled flight and tons of delays thereafter, I believe due to tornado-y weather all over the midwest. Luckily, our stage manager Angie was in line to make arrangements just as the flight got cancelled, so we were the only 8 people to get shifted to another flight to Dulles Airport. Even more luckily, our flight was safe and sound... and we landed just in time to scramble to the theatre, glow tape the stage, run tops and bottoms, and get dressed.

On Thursday and Friday nights, I sat in with GreenCo in Vienna, Virginia. We performed at a place called Wolf Trap, which essentially is a beautifully renovated old barn (see right) that has been transformed into a theatre arts complex that holds about 300. The shows were awesome - and additionally awesome was that the Blands got to come to the Friday show, so they were a welcome treat for everyone. It was a special treat for me, who is not always in this group as an understudy, to see them. The only time it wasn't welcome is when Joey and I had to do a scene called "Loving Couple", in which we have to bone a lot. Sorry, Blandersons! Everything really hit, and the audiences were warm and sweet. The shows went off without any big hitches, which was lucky since I'd had a very short put-in and stuff, and getting in the space was fast. We did it, comedy!

Up there everyone jumped in a little self-timer action, and in a rare feat, we got the whole cast, MD and SD in the shot. We are in front of the ol' Wolf Trap wolf after the Friday show. How about that? That guy knows how to party.


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Aw! Look how pretty you are. You're the best.

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