Monday, February 19, 2007

csz and nbc

right before the superbowl, art norman from nbc5 came to comedysportz.

it was about the best day ever. he came by to do a shoot on us for the (at the time, pending) LaughterBowl. sidebar, who names these things? you heard me, comedysportz. first off, who put a z on your name? i have learned to embrace the z, but it took a while. but LaughterBowl? i'll punch that shit right in the face.
i'm looking at you, david montgomery.

anyway, art norman and his camera man, Paul (pictured left), stopped by and filmed us doing improv games for about 40 minutes (to be edited down to 3). it was super fun. my favorite parts were the following:

*playing a game called "Dance Party". in this game, zach thompson, sara wolfson, sam super, dave gaudet, matt elwell and i had to dance around while music plays and then freeze when the ref blows the whistle/music stops. from there, it's essentially just freeze tag, having to justify your position...but since our filming was specifically for the superbowl, we had to stay suggestion specific for every scene. no jumps, no changes. our suggestion was - guess what? - football. we played this game for about 16 minutes. we went from hilarious scenes at the beginning to literally just uttering, "football, huh?", by the end. yep.

*art kept being like, 'paul, shoot this, you know, how i like it. all cinema veritae.' this was said over 8 times. paul described a shot back to art that he got that was "real swoopy and woosh-woosh".

*art norman interviewed me for three minutes and told me i had perfect comic timing. i could've kissed him on the mouth (having nothing to do with the compliment; i have a major fan-crush on norman). this interview with the players, which was not really used in the clips, i would give anything to own. art said something like, "you are amazing up there. it's improv. wow! i mean, wow! tara, do you ever know what you're going to say?", to which i said, "do YOU ever know what YOU'RE going to say, art?!", then blushed because i'm in love with him. he laughed so hard and admitted he didn't. i want this for our hope chest. we hugged it out and called it a day, but we'll probably get married.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

laughter bowl was a last minute name. I think it was something like the ComedySPortz Super Bowl, but we weren't allowed to have "Super Bowl" in the title at all and had little time to change it. -RR

11:10 AM  
Blogger Zach said...

I liked also that at one point he said, "Cinemay Veritas".

12:08 PM  
Blogger tara d. said...

did he really? even better, norms.

3:42 AM  

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