Tuesday, January 30, 2007

ain't just a river in egypt

...i'm really bad a t blogging right now. i'm sorry, everybody.

there's so much junk going on.

my friend sam claims that january is leftover 2006 that isn't so good, and we get a new start in 2007 starting with february. i hope he's on it, because i am feeling really overwhelmed this month. lots of friends going through hard things. debt keeps escalating. work is sporadic and patchy, ebbs and flows. i have very little energy. i am frustrated with a lot, personally and otherwise. two pals parents very ill, making them nervous. even more breakups for important people in my life. come on. come on.

halestorm, can we get a chart reading up in this piece? you love that shit. tell me something good.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

done and done.
resend me your stuff to mhale@glenwood.com.
I promise 2007 is better...
trust me, send me your info and let me predict your happiness

10:07 PM  

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