Thursday, January 11, 2007

maid to order

my roommates and i buckled and decided to grow up in the new year and raise our quality of life. we got a cleaning service for our apartment. every three months or so, no matter how much cleaning we individually do, it's not a bad idea to have someone come in here and shake this place up a bit and clean things we're not good at (read: showers, gross things).

you may have read my roommate tim's blog, but the day after the new year hit, i was itching for change. i got sick of my room being hard to clean, so i moved my bed out of the corner, moved all my furniture, and got down and dirty. my bed is now facing the windows and isn't tucked into them, which is warmer and - as we've all agreed - more "adult". something about having your bed in a corner is college-y to me. i'm still adjusting to the change, but i really like it.

after i cleaned my own space from top to bottom, i got annoyed with everything else. it's just the trail of tears of a thousand roommates. luckily, the boys (scott, jon, and tim) agreed.

they come at 11:30. i feel like a kid on christmas.


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