Friday, January 05, 2007

happs NY!

...oh yeah!

now that i'm all caught up and have been back for almost a week, happy new year everybody! wishing you love and happiness and health for you and your loved ones this year. 2006 was decent to me... professionally, i made many huge leaps; romantically, is was oookay; a pretty good year. a lot of friends had a shitty one last year, so, i'm hoping this year is even nicer for all of us.

last year, we had the slogan of "suck some dicks in 2006". this year, i'm waiting for a new one...

2007 slogan?

1. feels like heaven in 2007
2. 2007; this one goes to eleven.
3. ...your write in.

name it.


Blogger christine said...

2007 change my name to Kevin

4:39 PM  
Anonymous Tom said...

What was that one you had last year? "Suck some d***s in '06?"

How about, "Suck some d***s in '07?"

If it ain't broke . . .

4:52 PM  
Blogger Rance Rizzutto said...

Keep the bread leaven in 2007?

12:38 AM  
Anonymous Micah said...

Keep your Honda revvin' in 2007?

Hook up with Soon-Yi Previn in 2007?

Chicken Kiev'in' in 2007?

Jeremy Piven in Two Thousand Siven?

12:17 AM  
Blogger tara d. said...

these are all way better than mine.

10:52 AM  

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