Friday, February 23, 2007

pierogies and theraflu: together at last

aah, a friday night. a typical one would consist of Baby Wants Candy at 8pm, and then Athens at iO at 10:30. not today, friends. thisssss girrrrl took a night off for some recoup. it was necessary, believe me.

athens, you are probably on right now. i bet your show is fun. you're fun.

what do real people do on nights like these? obvs, i'm sick so i'm sitting at home. a few people i'd usually hang out with are in shows and out of town. i have a pile of netflix (thumbsucker and kiss kiss bang bang - please advise; also just finished grizzly man this week - HOLY BEST). i also want to make about 18 piles of things to give to goodwill. too ambitious? mm.

fridays. i guess if i wasn't me, maybe i'd be watching us.
let the circle be unbroken.
i think the theraflu is working.


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