Thursday, March 08, 2007

DC, in-between

a fun thing about being in vienna besides the shows was our chance on friday to get to the city. we took the metro into DC, which was about a half an hour by train, and essentially ran the mall all day. we were worried after about 6 or 7 miles of walking that our show would suffer somehow, but it really didn't. it just made us sore and have to try harder. these are the perks of touring, right? the cramming in the fun around the shows you live to do... you gotta try and do it all. sleep when you're dead. right? RIGH (zzzz).

we ran for it between monuments after seeing the constitution and visiting the holocaust museum... and got to the lincoln memorial, the newest WWII monument, vietnam wall, korean monument, and washington monument. at the lincoln was probably my favorite moment of the day; a little girl who we had seen with her family at the WWII memorial had been singing to herself about wanting to see lincoln. her parents responded with the Lincoln, Lincoln song, which she'd gleefully parrot back to them. we all went over, and joey, seth and i got caught up in the monument (one of the coolest still).

joey noticed a soldier admiring the statue and seth was reading the words over on the walls. all the sudden, i turned around, and the little girl was there with us again, staring up at abe. her family told her it was time to go, and she, all hearts-eyed, started to wave goodbye. Bye bye, Lincoln, i love you, she said. every few steps, she'd look back, just to make sure he was still there. Bye bye.


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