Friday, March 09, 2007

if you like pizza and edie falco...

...then you'll be sure to be all about me, rance rizzutto, and two other actors playing an italian-american family at a new in-store product launch this weekend! you guys know how much i love patricia heaton (raaaay!) - and now, imagine her little sister having a pizzeria. if you want a slice of free pizza and you work downtown, come break up this fun, ridiculous day.
see!: us doing bits!
taste!: the delicious new ultimate pizzas!
hear!: how we're not allowed to be "too italian"!

666 n. michigan (the pizzeria of the dev), 11:30-4pm.also sat from 11-4, and sunday 4-8pm. thanks for the rent, corp comedy!


Blogger tara d. said...

thanks to the stars that came down to see us... including jim crago, jon forsythe, tim ryder, jason shotts, cesar jaime, rich baker, someone i knew named michelle from 5 years ago who wondered if i was still doing comedy, a guy who had seen me on the mainstage at SC, and one mz. charcharbinks herself.


am i forgetting anyone? i'm in a haze of eyeliner and big hair.
you did it, america!

go there all weekend if you want some dinns.

9:56 PM  
Blogger tara d. said...

more stop-bys today... sam scrupes and sara, which ruled! and also, a woman named julie paradise, who i did stand up with.

remember that?

you have one more day for free everything. then you can read about it in the tribune on mondo.

12:30 AM  
Anonymous Sam said...

You guys have a lovely little house there-- I heard it's permanent. Right? Free pizza forever on Michigan Ave!

11:55 AM  
Blogger tara d. said...

in addition to keyboardist for SC, brian morris, how could i forget these other sightings from sunday?

chicago celebs:
the HI guy
silver robot
bucket boys
USSR protester with sandwo board

if you know who i'm talking about, well, then, you just might be a redn...chicagoan.

the ussr guy got on his megaphone and started talking about free pizza. i don't come down to your workplace and knock the ussr d*ck out of your mouth.


8:30 AM  
Anonymous Sara (sam's friend) said...

Did the guy who's wife got raped by FBI agent Chris Saviano stop by at all?

9:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

More like Edie Falc-HO

Am I right?


11:40 AM  

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