Thursday, March 22, 2007

on temptations

i have a lot of corporate work this week here and there so i wanted to upkeep the package, as can be expected. i went to nail bar on southport and got the ladies done. (not breasts.) (maybe.) as i was there, i wanted to buy a new nail color so i wouldn't have to come in there every time i wanted it. trouble is, seemed they were out. but the wall of colors (like, the ones you yank to have a pro do those bad boys) held one last polish, an excalibur staring me in the face.

for about 20 minutes, while i was getting my junk done (not vag) (maybe), i thought about stealing the polish. and during this time, i thought the following things:

*they won't notice the polish is gone (true)
*they don't have the color i was going to buy, so it's not my fault that i want to steal (not true)
*i could easily do this (true)
*i am too bored to find this anywhere else (truth city)
*if i take this, i will feel guilty every time i wear this polish (true, but maybe i'd forget)

as i sat and debated everything, i wondered about morality and whether i was about to embark down a quite slippery slope. also, i think the guy giving me a pedicure got a bone. this isn't a bit. he was very nice, i'm just saying.

at the last minute, i made one last hunt for the polish. and over on another shelf, in a container of their own, sat several of the colors i had been hunting for. i had no more convenient excuses (put your polish where i can find it, you're causing stealing! - not good enough), so thank g, i bought the damn thing.

just as i thought i was in the clear walking home, i almost stole an adorable beagle-mix puppy (he deserves to be where love is) and then, a baby in a stroller (could've been a good fight).

the can has been opened.


Anonymous Tom said...

In the end, your one regret will be that you didn't steal more babies.

9:13 AM  
Blogger eileen said...

Whenever I see the word "polish," I read it as the adjective describing a person or thing from Poland.

It made this post extra entertaining.

3:39 PM  

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