Monday, April 23, 2007

easter bonnets

went home for easter to columbus. it was a short stint, but it was super fun. i went home early sat morning to sunday evening, saw my nephs and niece and bro-hams and their girlfs and my momski. they're all awesome. we dyed eggs and drank and watched youtube clips and played scrabb. a very '07 easter, i'd say, considering we never drank when i was younger and youtube didn't exist. went to cath church on sunday, obvs you've heard how i feel about that (conflicted), but the mass was pretty and my mom seemed happy, the most important thing.

my nephs dressed up BIG TIME for easter which was ADORABLE, little alex p. keatons in their frat blue blazers. my neph anthony decided he loved coffee that day, and we laughed at him being executive joe. it was just his bday a few days ago. 13. come on. i'm 921 years old. happy birthday, anth, if you're reading this. if you are, you shouldn't be, so don't tell me you read this. i'll ground you.


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