Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Hartford, Connecticut

comedysportz brings me to lovely (and sort of zzz) hartford this day, with pals rance (player), monty (stage mgr), and jeff b (one of our music directors). a fun twist is that this was a gig not just for our touring company, but for the WCL (world comedy league - you heard me), so one city must mix-it-up with another to play an all-star show (three players and a ref - me). (there are a lot of parenthesis in this joint.) it was fun to meet two players from the newer CSzNYC, Kim and Robert. and then you get to have that weird energy of wait, how do you play?, which can be a good way to get you on your toes again.

the CSzNY dudes had to drive back tonight, but rance, monty, jeff and i found one of the only pubs in town to sit in and diffuse from the corporate show. jeff introduced us to the game Ghost, which is pretty addictive and easy to play. we came back to the hotel and browsed the sundries, which included all of the following: condoms, speedo swim caps, hot buffalo wings pretzels, a scrunchy from 1986, and sarongs.



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