Wednesday, June 06, 2007

csz gone mad

a while back, friend frank came back to play csz during cif, the chicago improv festival. he lives in LA now and works on MadTV, and hadn't played a csz show for a couple of years. caeti was the person, however, that bootcamped my class of people who started comedysportz, running us through new games and getting us through drills. whenever he played, i thought - man, that's what i want to be like here.

i don't have a lot of comedy "idols" - i have trouble with that idea because i think idols are built to fall - but i do have a lot of people i look to in the community for inspiration. a lot of these people are found in this building, this building some of the community knows nothing about, and i'm lucky enough to be in a close circle of friends with them - rance, joey, prouty, heather simms for instance, though everyone in the cast does something to inspire me. the list goes on so long, and every day i laugh so hard with them i can't believe we've often been gathered for "work".

now frank is a friend, and we got to play on the same team during his reunion, along with dave gaudet. it was so fun playing for an audience of nearly 400 people, doing bits and having fun. at csz, the acting captain of each show picks the games according to what they think their teammates strengths are. frank turned to me in the beginning of the show and whispered - don't know what to play...i hope i remember how to do this. we laughed and told him it was a comedy bike. hop on.

the show ruled.


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