Thursday, June 01, 2006

cubs, woo, cubs, woo.

My brother and his lovely girlfriend Gina were in for Memorial Day weekend. Excuse my absence from here, but it was a busy one. Aside from the shows, the rest of the busy-ness came from it being a GORGEOUS weekend in Chicago. Sunny, 90 degrees, big, puffy clouds if there were any in the sky.

Vince, Gina and I did lots of fun things while they were here. We went to the Cubs game, which was my first of the season, and Gina's first ever. We did it right - sat in the Bleachers and got Gina a new hat, drank Old Styles and whatever else is expected of the Cubs fan. Vince and Gina were treated to a perfect Cubs experience - even the score. The Cubs were ahead for 8 innings, but then lost in the last 12 minutes of the game to the Braves. Hilarious. Didn't matter, and almost felt more perfect.

Ronnie "Woo-Woo" also graced us with his presence for the better part of a half hour.

We also hit some fun sites that I love in the city - took a lot of drives, went to the lake (specifically to one of my favorite places in Chicago, the Belmont Dog Park), walked around town, and ate and drank at lots of restaurants, including Toast (rules).

It's nice to be a tourist in your own city, because you really get excited again.
Plus, I think Vince and Gina will probably move here next week.

I also know how much of a Dago-WOP I sound like saying "Vince and Gina" over and over.


Anonymous Luke Skywalker said...

Didn't Yoda live in the Dagowop system?

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