Thursday, May 18, 2006

you can dish it, but you can't take it.

gigs-a-plenty this week... lots of normal shows coming over the weekend, and lots of corporate stuff the past few days. sorry i haven't been writing as much. currently doing this thing for DishTV. essentially, we've been hired by the company to corporate train, but with an added twist improvisers can think well on our feet, so we use that tool during the training. joey and i were lucky to get stuck together, so it's been nice to have someone to pal around with. otherwise, it's generally pretty boring, though there certainly have been gems.

as i've done this more than one day now, the second day the class had already heard i was a comedian. this lit them up a bit and they were way more open to chatting and laughing, all that. it became more fun. i wish i had a videocamera for the end of one of my sessions on tuesday... a woman, in front of the corporate client, stood up at the end of the session and essentially testified. girl, i been here 11 years - 11 years! - and i've never felt this motivated. thank you. wasn't this great? you couldn't really ask for more, but i'm still most certainly tired of hearing myself talk about 100% digital delivery.


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