Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Ammo Daily & Salt-Water Streamin' =
July and August, respectively

last night for a wee break from memorization, i met up with some SC gals to watch the time-honored classic Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. man, i forgot how funny this movie was, what horrible shots there are, how much of a lesbo helen hunt plays, and how hysterically bad the music is. dana loves this movie, and now i love her for making me watch it again.

in addition to getting themed shirts (the sure sign that s o m e o n e had an evening of inside jokes!), we also discussed how dana's apartment is perfect for a book club gathering. we were afraid that we wouldn't make deadlines, so then we jocularly mentioned a magazine club.

our first read is June '06 Cosmo. i think i'll learn a lot and feel even more.


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