Sunday, May 07, 2006


This weekend - starting Thursday - has been filled with HANGTIME! That is amongst my favorite things, if not my #1 favorite thing in the world.

Thursday = friend Sara's work party, a play, dinner, more hangin' after.
Friday = my first show at Fizz (CSz), dinner with Simms after; Prouty came and picked us up and we took a night drive, only to find Bland. We pseudo-slumber partied back at Simms place and did imitations of everyone we know.
Saturday = 2 shows at Fizz, one exceptionally good, one exceptionally hard; and in the morning, the highlight of my weekend - MomBrunch.

It's hard to keep up with friends the way you want, isn't it? It is for me, especially when you have multiple projects at multiple places and just - well, real life. The girls of CSz have started going to brunch together once a month in order to gather us in. This month, it was themed: Deanna devised MomBrunch: in honor of Mother's Day, we would all dress like our Moms and dine together. Pretty great. First off, as an homage to my Mom, I went blonde, switched any silver for gold (she's allergic!), and probably generally looked much better than usual. My Mom is gorge-o! Others weren't as lucky - lots of housedresses, sweatpants, and elaborate t-shirts. Robyn rocked high-waisted jeans like nothing I've seen. Other than clothes, though, all in all, the girls were a lovely testament to what their Moms must be.

After 8 mimosas, it's safe to say that we were sufficiently in the bag at 1pm. Friend Simms was way beyond most, which made for some of the most fun I've ever had. Wolfson lobbied for more hanging, so we worked our way over to Southport for Mani-Pedis and DQ. I had to move my bike, so I did that slow-coast-everyone-else-is-walking thing, and Simms jumped me for my bike. Let me do iiiiit!, she begged, so I got off to let her ride. She went to throw her leg over the bike, and it was all over.

Imagine like, a cartoon sound of whoa-whoOOOOOaaaa!, and that's what this caption would be.

A wonderful day of hangtime, a 6 hour bout. There's nothing better. Way to go, friendship.


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