Tuesday, April 25, 2006

long weekend

nice weekend away to my fam and friends in columbus. my pal pat rennick got married to his long-time gfri porsha, and fun was had. happy to see family and friends, rocked out with my bro and nephs/niece on guitar hero, all the things that make home fun and goofs.

flew from there to DC to meet eric for a dave and co gig... the gig went great, and then we left for the airport. somewhere in-between, i ate a caesar salad, and uh, things got bad. i got to the air-p and felt immensely ill, but just sort of gross. we got on the plane, i sat down, we taxi-ed, and then - blam-o!, barf machine. i mean, i'm talking, things were bad. we hadn't even taken off yet. i shot a warning fire to my seat buddy to get up and run for it. he did. i was quiet as a mouse and got the job done, but good god, there's not much lonelier than puking. there just isn't. isn't that weird?

suck it, salad.

now i'm laying in bed back in chicago and watching oprah with my cat. it's like a cathy comic around here.


Blogger christine said...

cathy comic...ha ha! I hope you have a non-comittal boryfriend and bags of open potatoe chips around. It is swimsuit season for cathy!

11:44 PM  

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