Tuesday, April 18, 2006

One woman's trash

My roommate Beth is in town until Wednesday morning, moving her stuff into storage. She and other great pals are staying to write a new revue for SC Denver, a new theatre that opened up a few months back that they tentatively moved for. Beth's getting rid of stuff right now, so we've been moving a ton of sh*t to a storage pod downstairs to be hauled away and making multiple trips to the Brown Elephant.

In the meanwhile, Beth was deciding to do with her bedroom furniture. Sort of as a bit, I suggested posting on Craig'sList. She didn't think it would work, but we figured there was no harm in trying. I posted a pic of the set, and within an hour, a woman named Avril had shown up to take the stuff away.

We then became amazed and obsessed, and now have listed:
a. A Toshiba Laptop from 1871,
b. An IBM thinkpad from the Ottomon Empire,
c. A Dirt Devil Vacuum Cleanski,
d. A Jameson Whiskey Embroidered Jacket, appropo for the lead singer of Smashmouth in my head, and
e. A big basket thing that's probably used for Snake Charming

Responses came in steadily all night last night, and we really lost it laughing pretty bad. It just seemed funny that people want these things, let alone would drive to get them and pay. Great.

Beth stared at the boxes she had left to put in the Pod downstairs. Moving sucks, she said. Why don't we hire laborers?, I said, again as a bit.

Give it up for Ashley and John.
Moving is fun again.


Anonymous Tom said...

Snake-charming is a good skill for girls to learn if they want to make it in the entertainment industry.

Stereotyped Producer

3:23 PM  

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