Thursday, April 13, 2006

clo-sing tiiiime

this tuesday, we had a big clean-up at csz. the office is moving on friday, so the ensemble packed up the third floor and said some mini-goodbyes to the space.

fearless leader dave gaudet gave a moving speech to all of us. on sunday, we had a farewell event to the place, honoring it's ex-rentees: St. Nicholas Players, the Steppenwolf, The Organic Touchstone, and ourselves. a super list of talents on that role-call. on sunday, it sort of hit us that comedysportz was the only one who was lucky enough to retain the space, that we were head-above-water enough to stay in it. that's pretty big for any theatre in a city. it's just hard work. after packing up, some emotions were high. dave reiterated all the times they've all moved since 1987, just keeping ahead of the game by an inch.

comedysportz is operated at times like a co-op; people have a really vested interest in the marketing, the sales, the shows, the training. there's a lot of cooks in the kitchen - and sometimes though that can work against you, for the most part, it makes cast members feel like they have ownership, stock; that they "get it". so, on the move. for us, it's big. it feels big. it's the only csz i've known as a cast member. for the oldest, this time feels better, because now we actually have a conventionally successful thing going. dave reminisced a while. you guys, we did it. and now we get to do it again.


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