Saturday, April 08, 2006

what's round on the ends and high in the middle?

...O H I O, and that is our riddle!

recap for the interested...
man, coming here was about the best thing out there. i'm currently at denison university, on a road show for CSz. it was awesome.

first, on thursday, i got to spend the day with lots of family in columbus - my mom, vince, nick, his new g-fri kathy and her daughter, and my nephs and niece. we just hung out and it was PERF! lots of laid back time, grabbing dinner and graeter's (yeah, cinci!). my nephews make me laugh a lot and my family is rule city.

my bro vince drove me to the airport on friday, to meet up with the CSz cast. we rented a car and drove the 45 minutes to denison, which dave g. and kat attended. they were really fun to hang around with, just reminiscing and telling stories, etc. everyone here has been in great spirits - it's amazing how being in a college town makes you immediately feel like you're in college, too (or, immediately feel ancient, but let's stay pos). we lazed the day away until meeting our contact with dollar drafts (!) and walking tours of their greek houses (Phi Delt and DG, respectively).

the show was awesome - i subbed in and reffed per dave's request, and all four members on the road played - dave, kat, randy, and martin, joined by ever-talented doc mccullough on keys. the college troupe here - Burpee's Seedy, a team Dave was on and that Steve Carell founded - opened for us and then joined us for the final game of freeze. they were adorable and worked hard, fun to watch. i remembered being even more enthusiastic about improv, and i want to take some of that back with me.

we went drinking at a college tavern called the Granvilla afterwards, saw two dudes puke, and one girl run out crying. martin dared me to console her, so i did. she apparently was accused of bangin' someone's b-fri and doing coke in the bathroom. whaaaa? college is hard! after we left, we passed the not-in-chicago chain of Papa John's, and the four of us in our car eagerly called with an order. it was closed, so i told them our story, and the sympathetic dude who answered the phone lamented with me that he would fire up the oven if he wasn't the guy who answered the phones. fair enough.

drunk times in ohio = perf.
show in ohio = perf.
family in ohio = perf.
therefore, ohio = perf.


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