Monday, March 27, 2006

3 guys, a girl, and a taquiera

two shows at csz this past saturday. per usual, fun. good god, what is more fun? my iO team was kind enough to let me miss our show and stay home friday to get major work done, and apparently, had their work cut out for them that night at the theatre. it happens.

sidebar: homework on the weekend is for dumb-os!

had an audition this weekend for coke (the drink, not the drug). it was pretty fun. can't really say much about it since the deal is still pending, but generally, it's a fun parody for the Coke Museum kiosks in Atlanta.

in the interim, shad, cayne, dr. jim and i went to a burrito joint while we were wasting time near the office. mostly, the lunch consisted of us laughing at dr. jim's non-sequitors and me gleaming with pride that csz and improv had made us all friends. certainly, there is no other way i'd know dr. jim.

at one point, D.J. told us a story about someone spilling a carafe of hot coffee on his johnson in the 80s. it was so stupid but we all lost it. carafes + coffee + the 80s + a doctor's nutsack = funny.

that's just truth.


Blogger christine said...

I laughed too...were you high? Coke commercials???? My girl is a STAR!!!!!!

Move over Cable Guy - seriously get outta the way.

7:12 PM  

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