Thursday, April 06, 2006

va-ca-tion, all i ever want-ed

hi, everyone!
thanks for your words of support - i got through all my shows, which i could talk about for days, but won't bore you with details. all in all, really fun and nice to have a few under my belt. amazing to be in a two hour show that you've never once run. amazing. keeps you on your toes.

i've been a bad blogger this week, but a good liver. from thursday to sunday, between the bunny breakfasts at MFields, SCity, CSz, iO, and rehearsals, i realized i had literally 9 hours of sleep. it caught up to me on sundo, when i looked like walking Z, and spent the day beyond 5pm passed out. s'nice. and, s'needed.

since, there's been a lot of hang time with great friends. a few people are in town and have time off, so there's been lots of hang outs and less shows. trying to find the calmer, gym-ier, catch-up-ier groove again. it's lovely. it makes it feel like we're on spring break or something, and that has been an amazing treat.

girls gone mild!


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