Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Cleaning Ladies, the Remix

my friend ithamar organized a reunion show for us last night. it was amazing fun.

quite a few people try out for something called an incubator team when you first start in chicago. i was lucky enough to get placed on the perfect first team for me, the Cleaning Ladies. at first, our team began with about 11. at the end, we were down to four dedicated people that - in my head, were the funniest ones.

everyone got really busy in 2002ish - i got CSz, Josh started doing iO more intensely, Jill started the Cupid Players, and Ithamar began touring with SC. we knew it was time to disband.

now that our schedules are slightly more under our own control and the playground theatre has been so sweet to us, yesterday and next tuesday, we're doing shows for kicks. we might even do a run in june each wednesday. i'm not sure that a minute has passed in those four years.


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