Friday, April 28, 2006

a very special episode

yesterday morning after a show i finally turned the corner to wellness, just in time for a very long, fun, and hard weekend. tomorrow night are the final shows for CSz at 2851 n. halsted. it's really becoming comical how much we are mourning the place.

i did a couple of things here in chicago before i did CSz, but, as far as performing goes - this place was my first true home, professionally. this place convinced me that i could do what i came here to do, for real, in practice and spirit. it rejuvenated me, got me ready, gave me legs, made me better. as a home - well, i have lived at my apartment less time that i've been at that building; my mom lives in a different house than the one i grew up in, and, well, it's just one of those places i immediately feel comfort. everyone does.

for me, the reasons i feel comfort at this place goes beyond your average bear's. in a very, very dark time, i laughed there, cried there, got sick there, got better there, was scared beyond belief, loved as hard as ever, and found a secondary family - all inside those walls, some of which right there, on that stage.

last night we played to a sold out show, and as we took our bows i was one of the last to be called offstage. i felt that pang of jaw-tightening-avoiding-tearing-up when i stood there in the spotlight with friends. it's all super sappy to write about, and certainly sadder things have happened in my life, but this place is so dear to me.

as with any physical, tangible place- it's what happened there, the people you know, the memories you made that you take with you when that place is gone. so, we'll do it.

but first?
two more shows,
$1 drinks all night after across the street,
and about 18 rounds of YOUUUUUU GUYYYYSSSS THIIISS PLLLLLACEEEE!, promised from me to everyone, as we pass out in the lobby one last time.

come to the show.


Anonymous dimarco said...

I'm there.

Although I've never been an official part of the company, that building means a lot to me too. My first 18 months in Chicago I went through IO but never became a part of the club there. I was pretty much done with the impro. But on a whim (and the offer of free classes) I ended up at CSz.

After a few weeks of having a blast with the classes, and even a good time taking out the trash (hooray for interning!) the place felt homey. Even as the intern, the folks playing there took the time to learn my name. The first time Joey Bland (that guy is great) called me by name outside of the theatre I was shocked. I had spent 18 months as just another anonymous guy at IO, but within a month at CSz, people actually bothered to remember who I was. It was big. (and thanks TD, you were a big part of that feeling of acceptance.)

Even though it's "only" B-Prov I'm super happy to have played on that stage and will miss the place.

Tomorrow... drunky fun. Sorry for taking up so much of your comment page.

9:29 PM  
Blogger tara d. said...

Man, that is really nice! What a wonderful tribute from a great guy.

DiMarcs, you really hit upon something that is important about CSz - we are so lucky to have probably the nicest cast - the friendliest cast in the city. That means a lot to me, and I remember walking into that theatre on my first rehearsal night and thinking how nice the cast was.

I suppose that's not going anywhere. I've gotta seperate the mems from the peops.

Sentimentalism is nice today, though.

12:44 PM  

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