Tuesday, April 25, 2006

lateral move

back on health kick as of sunday, despite being a V Machine yesterday on the plane.
(v machine sounds dirts.)

i was up really late on sundo, after learning lines and transcribing a musical for a project i'm doing at the hotel. i took a shower and then curled up in my luxury room to watch a little tv (the nice perk of corporate work). i caught this infomercial for the lateral thigh trainer, hated it, laughed, then went on ebay and bought it.

i think mostly it just sort of made me happy to buy something from an infomercial. i can't wait! bring it here as fast as your hot paws can carry it! i think i'll probably fall off of it then go jogging, but who knows. i bet part of me will like it a bunch. i'm just over the gym right now - it makes me feel trapped in the spring, instead of happs.

have you ever bought anything from an infomersh?


Blogger Tyler said...

I haven't, but I really, really want a Magic Bullet. Have you seen that one? It's the best. It features a neighborhood get-together complete with racially diverse neighbors and the old lady down the street who chain smokes and wears a housecoat.

Also, I like the name "Magic Bullet" because my friend once had a vibrator with the same name.

1:57 PM  
Blogger tara d. said...

i had to look that up just to see it was real.

what the f is that thing?

i can't believe anyone would name a food processor magic bullet. that's just asking for trouble.

ordering a magic bullet, you decide which,

2:31 PM  
Anonymous Magic Bullet said...

My mission is the same as those Star Trek dudes.

3:14 PM  

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