Monday, May 15, 2006

best night of our lives, tm

the weekend ruled.
traveling with SC BlueCo was about the most fun that exists. first off, the company of people is so nice, and secondly, the part i was filling was full of satisfaction - lots of improv, singing, that sort of thing. i got to do this scene called CIA written by steven colbert, which is a scene with two film noir-style dudes that is half scripted and half improvised. it was a highlight for me - total fun. we had lots of hang time, too... lots of talks and fun van-time together. it felt close to a slumber party. in a drunken haze friday, i kept exclaiming the title of this post, and now it may be BlueCo's new theme for travel.

then i got back and pretty much directly went into rehearsal for ACE, the last before GUYS AND DOLLS premiered that night. i've got to say a huge thank you to everyone who is doing this thing, and to everyone that came last night - this is some of the most fun that i've had onstage in a long while. in life, in high school or whatever, i would've never been cast as the woman i'm playing- and it's so wonderfully fun. joey and i play nathan and adelaide, and have one song together that makes me laugh so hard it's tough to keep from losing it in the middle. the cast otherwise is SO talented and SO positive, it's just such fun to get up there and do something like this when you never do it anymore. please, if you're in chicago... please come and see it. we're doing G&D next week too, and it'd be awesome to have even more people around.

all in all, awesome times. lots of fun to be had this week, too, but also tons of corporate work to do. you take the good, you take the bad, and so on.


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