Friday, May 19, 2006

smart women, bad choices

being on the road often equals unhealthy habits. as someone who's taken her health in her own paws as much as possible, i've tried to change some habits this year that are natural and hard to avoid (drinking too much, eating gross stuff on the road, smoking/being around smoke). my question is, how do you REALLY stay healthbot when the parameters aren't really within your control?

first off, drinking is fun sometimes. like, let's say your beer comes in a boot, like this. why would you not drink this? this is two liters of beer! and it's in a glass boot! that you keep! that is fun!

secondly, sometimes smoketown bar and grill is where you have to choose from, so you stay there. plus, smoketown is where people make bad decisions and you get to make fun of them for all the dumb things they do at and after smoketown. there's gotta be a way to make decent decisions at those places, but good god, how? am i really getting a salad at smoketown bar and grill, or waiting until i'm hammered and stumbling next door to pizzadreamz?

the trade off is that touring is fun.
just ask hasko. we got thrown out of pizzadreamz.


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