Thursday, May 25, 2006

workin' hard, or hardly workin'?

long week! lots of dumb shit happened this week, but let's focus on the positive.

a. lots of work;
b. my friends are fucking awesome!;
c. my bro-ham vince comes to town with his new g-fri gina at 8pm tonight, perf;
d. i got asked to sit in with BlueCo all of June - two of which are SC home shows on the mainstage... dream come true;
e. i just went to florida for a gig, stayed at the ritz-carlto, and semi skinny-dipped in a public pool;
f., dating blows my mind, and
g., i went blonde.

more on all these things, or most, later.

for anyone who's wondered what these corporate gigs look like, here's a tiny slice. two pics - one of us backstage to your left, waiting on cues. this is a pretty standard corporate set-up... a stage, tons of table rounds, and we're on i-mag (that means it's recorded and shown on a huge screen). i kind of wish this picture - the banquet one -was video. see how many people are in this room? 60 seconds prior, none of them were there. they ran in and turned over the room in like, 6 minutes. (this is a third of that room, about 400 people.) it was unbelievably fast. really neat to watch. it's very Annie "I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here", the scene where they just sort of whisk her about and she's amazed at everything being done so well and so quickly.

on the blonde thing - this isn't a bit. it's still brunette-y, but for instance, the guy who went to mic me last night put my lav on... as he walked away, he described me as the "strawberry blonde". i had no idea it was me, then laughed. only been a day.

i was such a stressed out mess this week that on my gig with SC BizCo last night, we all partied pretty hard. smoked cigars, high-fived, and did some hard drinkin' at an open bar. client took a few pics of these events on my phone, including left. it was a total sausage-fest of IT dudes. at one point i got out my razr, and some dude told me that all the guys there would get a bone-dog since i was text messaging. i laughed, then screamed "Nerd!" while i face-pushed him into my stogie-smoke. the show was awesome, the hotel was awesome, the company was awesome, and it was such a nice release to just take a load off for one night. even though it was work, it was hardly work. that's nice.

look at this view from my balc. pretty. 5am in orlando.

sometimes all the hard gigs make the easy ones feel like heav.


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