Monday, March 13, 2006

mt. ranier

on a particularly unnotable day, one of my favorite vague solo memories was born; standing outside our house my father built after school, barefeet on bricks in the pouring rain. it was afternoon and the sky went dark. i stood there, sopping wet, watching the sky open up. i think i started crying, but i don't remember why. maybe it was a bittersweet teenage thing to do or maybe i was stressed out about some things i should've known then i'd forget now. all i seem to remember is the feeling of warm tears mixing with rainface(tm), and not feeling bad anymore. i sat on our porch swing under an awning, and watched it all come down. my parents came outside and swung for a long time too. it was for some reason everything i needed.

it is just after midnight and it is raining outside in chicago.
there's a little lightning, and huge drops are pitter-patting against my window.
the train just passed by.
this could make anyone sleep like a babers.
that makes me happy.


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