Monday, March 06, 2006

down. in. one!

the csz ladies brunched on saturday afternoon. it was awesome - just awesome. these people are a constant delight and bonding with friends is one of my FAVRO THINGS! we went to a place called joey's brickhouse, which has an all you can eat and drink buffet for TWELVE DOLLARS. TWELVE DOLLARS. i almost don't want to leave that in print, because i feel like america will know, and then, somehow, best-kept-secro will die. but no! spread the wealth! we're all friends here.

let's get down to business: being drunk in the daytime is probably one of the most fun things out there. in adult life, it's hard to do frequently - and for me, it conjures super college-y funandfancyfreefeelings. [though many have had the college experience of being drunk in the sunny hours, i salute my OU brethren who Palmer-fested and did the Shuffle. i did the 32 bar shuff, and lived on Palmer. here we go, Bobcats!]

this crew of girls was awesome. deanna, kat, niso, wolfson, rono, pfouts, hanson, halestorm, and sam's gfri, stacy. every one of us was in to have a great time. i led a strange charge that may or may not have made people start downing their drinks in one take at a breakfast boutique. sometimes we're all guilty of wearing our drunk stories like a merit badges of where we've been - and there's positives and fun in that, every now and then. right? i have not had much to drink this calendar year, and i "saved up" for saturday, knowing i could be a wasted mess surrounded by friends all morning. it was game day, so i didn't want to disappoint. i had 13 mimosas. this is probably the dumbest thing i've done in recent memory, but one of the most delightful.

we just weren't done after that, so we did what felt natural - staggered on up to big city tap (affectionately called "big t*tty tap" by chicagoans for it's illustrious 3am patrons) around 2pm. first off, it's like the twilight zone to go to a bar like that in the waking hours. secondly, we then proceeded to have 7 jello shots a piece in the duration of two or three more hours. we actually wiped the place out of jello shots. we had over 40.

our brunch went from 10am until 5pm.
we all took 10 minute naps, drank a lot of wats, and went and did shows.

bonded, delightful failures.


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