Thursday, March 02, 2006

smack it up, flip it, rub it down - OH NOOOOooo!

today, i'm getting a massage. it is probably necessary. i am a case.

while i'm talking about it, ladies, you should treat yourself and go to thousand waves spa. it's a great place to relax. dudes, it's only for lade-os, but there's gotta be something comprable. they give you little slippers and a robe, and said journey begins. you can go into their sauna, steam room and hot tub. then, massage. then, DOJO! the dojo is a little reading room where you get tea and can sleep in little cot-nooks, and life rules.

this place supports women with cancer, a subject obviously near and dear to me. if you know someone or are someone with it, check out this program. it's super cool of them.

to the nook!


Anonymous Montecore's Revenge said...

I recently heard an entertaining anecdote about that very spa. The tale involved some combination of hot and cold stones (or possibly rocks) and was spun by one Mr. Andy Dick on a late night television program featuring a delightfully-gap-toothed master of ceremonies. The humor of the story was undoubtedly bolstered by the fact that Mister Dick was under the influence of multiple chemicals at the time. Or perhaps I was. Well, one of us was. I'm almost entirely certain it was he.

3:03 PM  
Blogger tara d. said...

man, i'd love to believe this, but thousand waves is just for women.

[insert andy dick bit here.]

8:45 PM  
Anonymous Montecore's Revenge said...

I think saying "insert andy dick bit here" qualifies as a bit in and of itself.

9:51 PM  

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