Monday, February 27, 2006


man, i'll be honest. last week was a stressful week. a productive, awesome one, but also one of severe highs and a real pressure-cooker, due to ricochet and challenge me to face some unmentionable, unforeseen molehills. it got to me a little, and i suppose that's okay. i'm over it. i feel like i may have hit a strange wall, though, on saturday night or sunday morning, when all i wanted to do was something girly-forever21-horrendous, like shop! or cry!, or shopcry!, and de-stress. i called instead to make an appointment for a massage, and when they were booked, i felt like all my muscles immediately revolted and became twice as tight, a self flip-off.

so, i simply decompressed with a friend over coffee. it was nice, because this friend is great and coffee is great, and my coffee came with a little tugboat on it. tugboat, just plugging along, doing it's best.

what's a meta for?
har de har HARF.


Blogger Carrie said...

Where does one go to get a tugboat in her coffee?

12:32 PM  
Blogger tara d. said...

that's at the pick-me-up cafe, which i love for it's averageness & lateness, and go to pretty often for meet-ups. easy and cute and decent.

i asked the server what i should get to drink that night and asked about teas, then she exclaimed "If you get a mocha, i can draw on it!" - so i said, "well, then, that's exactly what i want."

i think they do it when they're bored. go and get your tea-leaves/hershey's syrup read. :)

12:41 PM  

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