Wednesday, February 15, 2006

can you pay mah bills

can you pay my bills
can you pay my telephone bills
can you pay my automo'bills
then maybe we can chill

for the past day or so as i've been sick, i've been doing positive things like learning a bunch of lines for shows, and dreading-but-handling the paperwork of some medical debt. man, that debt stuff is frustrating. medical debt, for those of you who haven't had it, is a beast. i have had health insurance as i've gone through all this noise, too, but it didn't stop 14 grand being extraneously charged to what was uncovered. it's just unbelievable stuff, unbelievable money.

this year is the year, i say, to get rid of a critical amount of it. it's frustrating to think i could have a downpayment on a condo, but... i'm mostly just glad i'm okay, and dealing with it day by day, and that's important enough. it is. it has to be. so, i'm down 4 grand in 2006, leaving 10, which is awesome since before i was just keeping my head above water.

but still, yech. remember savings? remember grasshopper and the ant? aesop's? no? well, well, well.

anyone else ever faced debt problems? bills, splurges, college loans, any of it? you can post anono, if you want- i just could use some inspiration. as someone who has never had debt before - i am just trying to keep my eye on the prize, so i can climb out and stand where i stood, not so long ago.


Anonymous M0 said...

I recently aquired debt for the first time as well. Between moving to Chicago, my wedding and unexpected medical bills (I totally feel you on this one), there were times I couldn't breathe. It can be very overwhelming. I found that the best way for me to handle it is by being super organized. I've even gone as far as to having spreadsheets and binders that map out my financial plan. If I'm smart and consistant, I'll be almost debt free in 2 years. This probably won't happen as I do like to shop and travel, but I should be able to get it down by at least 3/4 of what it was in January. Either way, I just try to keep in mind that most people are in debt and if others haven't died from it, neither will I.

3:18 PM  
Blogger christine said...

Is the medical debt real? sometimes they charge things and it is a mistake. regardless, good for you for getting a plan and getting to it ...I feel for you. Debt sucks.....medical debt sucks even worse.
to answer your question, I do have debt it debt totals like 400, seriously.....but all good debt. I have a home and a graduate degree to pay for and use to pay for it all. I feel very lucky.

7:03 PM  
Blogger tara d. said...

usa to both of you. thank you! m0, you are smart about spreadsheets and mapping things out, your organization is inspiring. chrissy, you are smart about life.

i subscribe to both of your logics generally, too. it's so important to remember people get here. that makes me feel safe, sort of. i like that.

man, it's just hard when you have this plan for yourself. it's kind of a dumb thing to do: to plan. i mean, it's natural, and i'm not like, penny lane, trapsing across the country in a winnebago. but you know, you have a life scope. stay out of debt, be positive, be productive, storyboard your life a little. this stuff wasn't in the plans. who cares? now it is, and life is okay, and there we are.

i think it's that it's simply medical that has made me so nuts. i like to hope i have handled this larger stuff in decent ways as it has come, but this is a thing that has (tinily) squashed some spirit in me. it's made me worry about larger scope issues - health care reform, medical attention for women and the needy, etc. that's important. there was also something very defeatist about me that felt like - well, i didn't get to go to school for that money/buy a condo/etc., but now i realize that is just stupid of me. what i spent it on for the most part (whether just, or no) was test and treatment after test and treament that was settling to my spirit to some degree. that's enough, and it's time to move on.

people go through this all the time.
and i'm here, and that's enough. i believe that every-d.

money ain't nothin' but papes.

sidebar: i think i don't regret my choice to not claim bankro; a scary decision to dig yourself out, but i feel like it's better for me to try. for me, who i am. right now.

hey, it builds character.
i just better have huge character when i'm done.

2:38 AM  
Anonymous trace said...

td, chrissy neglected to express the comf and ease that comes from marrying into money. no doubt her advice is sound, but come on... if you can find a seasoned river guide/rutabaga get the perk of big income AND nursing a sore back, chapped lips and a slight drinking problem...thats my advice.

but, my girl is wicked smaht, true enough.

1:06 PM  

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