Sunday, February 12, 2006

blinded by the light

so, i have this standing gym date with amy and tara - each saturday morning, we meet and workout (which is a feat after friday night shows/drinking), then hang together if possible. it's fun, and a real nice break for non-improv friendship time on the weekends. this time around post-gym, amy wanted company at their new almost-closed-on gut-rehab condo to wait for a guy to show up and measure for blinds, so i went with and kept her company as the blinds guy came from home depot.

the condo is beauts. amy and tara are both lawyers, so - though they're currently rolling in debt from recent schooling, they'll soon change to be rolling in it. the place has 3 bedrooms, and washer/dryer, beautiful floors, a balcony, a bay window, walk in closets, a back deck, allllll that.

there's not much i'm prouder of than the friendships with many ex-es i've cultivated over the years. amy was a great friend of mine before, but as all breakups go, there must often be some healthy down time for you to get your bearings, to come back to the table as healthier, wiser folk. it's awesome, and they're awesome people. still, in anyone's book, i can see how it might be weird to go to a new condo that you could've shared with someone, pick out blinds together, and play house a little bit.

the difference now is that we were playing house, not living it. and though for a long time we couldn't figure out why it didn't work, now, it works the right way. still, maybe i should've stuck with the lawyer (and being lesbo) - if only for the condo.

galileo's head was on the block...


Anonymous Meg said...

Yay! I love hearing about you and Crawfy still being friends. You're both amazing, adorable people & Rich & I are so glad to know you both.

We're going to have to plan a Chicago trip for after T & A's condo is ready for viz (itors-- sometimes that word shortening thing of yours doesn't really work when I do it). Amy, if you read this, Rich and I are going to come to Chi-town and suck off you for a few nights!

3:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

T and As condo....get it

8:49 PM  
Blogger tara d. said...

yay to these comments. meg and rich, you can always come stay with either of us. don't let condo readiness be the stopper, since it takes months and months to really settle into a home...

anon - this time i think it's you, tracy... anyway, not once did i ever think that. ha ha, t and a!

i hope there's t and a.

10:12 PM  

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