Tuesday, February 07, 2006

the Boston Market Players

in vegas with lindberg, bland, and cesar.

things are really busy. we've had cancelled flights, long techs, taxing shows. still, we're in vegas, and that's something. i have yet to step outside the hotel, though, and i hate that. people talk about that all the time, but i tend to be particularly overzealous on the road, trying to see what i can and do something of substance.

feeling lucky in life re: comedy as a livelihood (no matter how pointless) and getting to travel so much doing so - but, it's all the same when what you see is conference room air-walls and table rounds. a room is a room is a room, no matter which town you sit within. so, i'm getting out tonight, out of the world of stale air and casino floors. there's mountains here. and desert. and spectacle. i hope i see it.

more later.


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