Sunday, February 12, 2006

win, win, or draw

just got back from a long day -9 hours - of remotes with csz. man, csportz is one of my favorite places in the world, and today was no exception. we went out to a church in yorkville, about an hour away. historically, church remotes are very good and easy. they are well organized, the people are nice, and they want a squeaky-clean show - so the environment really breeds bits since you're pressure to be on ultimate best behavior. i was the field judge, which is essentially a secondary ref (for those of you who have seen the show) in situations with enormous rooms, and i run around and get suggestions and do color commentary on things. it's fun. it was nice today, because i had lost my voice pretty badly last night at a sold-out show at home for a kid's bar mitzvah. my throat is husker-du, so i just used a handheld mic and ran about.

this particular church had bought two shows, so we had a nice little break in-between to eat a boxed lunch and hang. deanna suggested we continue the squeaky-clean theme and play pictionary with the white-board provided in the room, and we were game. the crew (hanson, deanna, rizzutto, mcevoy, bland, mccullough, and self) jumped in. things got stupid fast as we were all in goofy moods to begin with from hitting a performance wall, and one highlight came when hanson stood up to draw. she firmly asserted that she "hate(s) playing games", but wanted to participate. the picture to the right? well, it's britney spears. it is a picture of a shattered leg, usa/britain, and the vlasic stork tapping his beak on a jar of picks. when she revealed what it was supposed to be, 4 of us truly fell out of our seats laughing, which never seems to happen in real life.

man, it's just not a bad way to spend a sundo.
p.s., the picture to the left is erin mcevoy's gary coleman. i dare you to understand it.


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