Monday, February 27, 2006

nightdriving + c-spo lament

weekend of shows.

friday i was in grand rapids, mich, with bizco. it was a long day, starting very early, but mostly a fun one. the client was one who supplies gas stations with cigars and snoballs or something. truly, i still have no idea. three hours to get there; deanna and i were tucked in a little jump-seat behind the 5 boys in the back. it was cozy and almost nice, though there certainly was potential to be awf. once there, something in me got psyched about staying in our historic pretty king-sized bed-sy hotel, because it seemed luxurious and silent, but only half of us were game to stay. then, two members found an early call for the next day got even earlier, so we hit the van and went for broke back to chi-town. by the time i got home, after medium-stress + solid success after my first scripted gig with them (the two others had been improv), and lots and lots of bits, i was exhausted.

man, you guys, by the way, pat mckenna is funny.

csz was a welcome treat, a double shift of playing for me saturday night, which is always so fun. here's some fun pics of recent shows - a warm-up dance jam, and a pic from the sound booth when i was ms. voice at a buyout. neat to see the theatre you work at from different perspectives, metaphorically and literally. i'm starting to lament that place being torn down soon, even though i know there will be a better fit for us elsewhere. what can i say? i'm nostalgic. anyway, solid night of shows, the 8pm being knock-it-out-of-the-park solid. there's nothing more fun or easy than hanging out with that family of improvisers and friends. awesome.


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