Thursday, June 08, 2006

Boot and Rally

after our show at SC Black Orchid on Saturday, BlueCo entertained how awesome it would be to go to MayFest. MayFest is one of the beginnings of why it rules to be in Chicago in the summer: The Street Fairs.

we got out of our show and over there just as the fair was ending, but were lucky enough to be close to one of Chicago's best gems, the Chicago BrauHaus. for those of you who haven't been there, get there. for Ohioans, it's pretty much Schmidt's, but open 'til 2am with live polka and dancing. it's lit like a high school dance, kind old men ask you to waltz, the food is good, women and men are dressed in full lederhosen, and you are served steins of beer - or better yet, boots (see pic above).

we played a game that whoever could down the last of the 76 oz of beer would force the person who preceeded them in the drink circle to dance. alone. i felt inspired and chugged a ton to force friend tim sniffen to the dance floor. he cried in disbelief as his number was up, and staggered to the floor. super fun polka had been playing the whole hour we had been there, with over 150 people banging their hands on tables in time to the oom-pa-pa. never one to turn down a dare, sniffen got up to stomp around, and the music immediately changed. to lady in red.

slow swaying. alone.
private dancer.


Blogger kb said...

happy to hear that sniffen is in town. but i've seen him dance. worse yet, i've seen him spin a rifle and march. look out.

11:38 AM  

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